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Jeffrey AU KA HO

Investment Officer

Mr. AU is an investment officer at IPAM where he is managing a discretionary account. Besides his role at IPAM, Mr. AU is running his own blog about financial markets. He is focusing on small caps and companies listed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Japan. Mr. AU started his career with diverse positions in accounting and tendering  before distributing infant products from Germany and USA to Asia through his company.

Mr. AU holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.




先生是博浩資管的投資主任,他管理著一個全權委託帳戶。 除了在博浩資管擔任職務外,先生還經營著自己的有關金融市場的博客。 他專注於在香港,新加坡,韓國和日本上市的小型股和公司。 先生的職業生涯始於會計和招標領域的各種職位,然後通過他的公司將德國和美國的嬰兒產品分銷到亞洲。

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